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Classes on using the doTerra Essential oils can be set up for you at your location.  There is no charge for these classes.  Class size must be at least 5 people in order to schedule.  If you just want to learn for yourself, you are welcome to set up a time to visit me and we can "talk oils".  For a "private" class allow 1 hour; for a larger class in your location allow 2 hours.
These classes can be done via Skype if you prefer.  In person classes allow for the sampling of the essential oils, however.


Level 1 - REIKI 1 Practitioner - Level 1 attunements and hands-on healing for self and others.
Level 2 - REIKI 2 Practitioner - Level 2 attunements and adds symbols and the ability to treat others at a distance.
Level 3 - Master/Teacher - Level 3 attunements and adds more symbols and the ability to teach REIKI to others.
Classes must be taken in order.  To be a REIKI Master/Teacher, all 3 levels must be completed.  If you have taken REIKI with another teacher you must bring copy of your certificate(s) before attending my classes.
Background:  I have been teaching REIKI Classes and performing REIKI treatments since I became a REIKI Master/Teacher in 1998.  I also offer Distance Healing Treatments (see services page).  A chakra balancing treatment is given to students BEFORE any REIKI class.  I believe that this clearing of stagnant energy in the body allows for a better attunement process and a stronger flow in energy
I have been teaching 4 levels of Aromatherapy classes for the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine since 2002 for certification.  
Call me for a FREE one-on-one doTERRA  Essential Oils class that fits your schedule.