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The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and is literally translated as a "wheel of light".  A chakra is basically a concentrated center of energy located within the body.  An imprint of every emotionally significant event you have ever experienced in your life is recorded in the chakra energies - good or traumatic events are stored. 

There are hundreds of chakras in the human body, but we work to keep the 7 major chakras clear and balanced, thus maintaining good health.  By balancing a chakra, we clear out any of those traumatic memories stored in the center's energy that cause imbalance.

Our chakras are continually turning in a clockwise direction when the body is functioning properly. However, the stress in our lives can sometimes throw one or more chakras "out of balance". This is not normally noticed except by those who are very in tune with their bodies. When a chakra is out of balance you may feel "off" or not well. You may feel that something is not quite right but can't put a finger on it. If this imbalance is left uncorrected, after a period of time it can manifest as physical illness. (See some information related to the chakras below)

Call me for a chakra balancing - I balance chakras with Reiki energy healing, crystal energy healing, with a pendulum, with crystals, with meditation and with essential oils. 

Root Chakra 
Location: Base of the spine 
Color: Red 
Emotions: Frustration, rage, passion, sexuality 
Related illnesses: Hemorrhoids, sciatica, prostate, ovarian, uterine 

Sacral Chakra 
Location: Below belly button 
Color: Orange 
Emotions: Anxiety, well-being 
Related illnesses: Diabetes, cancer 

Solar Plexus Chakra 
Location: Above belly button 
Color: Yellow 
Emotions: Power, desire, fear, guilt, doubt 
Related illnesses: Ulcers, gallstones, arthritis, kidneys 

Heart Chakra 
Location: Middle of chest 
Color: Green 
Emotions: Joy, grief 
Related illnesses: Stroke, angina 

Throat Chakra 
Location: Middle of throat 
Color: Blue 
Emotions: Inspiration, repression 
Related illnesses: Thyroid, flu 

Brow Chakra 
Location: Center of forehead 
Color: Indigo 
Emotions: Obsession, ecstasy 
Related illnesses: Schizophrenia 

Crown Chakra 
Location: Top of head, toward back 
Color: Purple, violet 
Emotions: Bliss 
Related illnesses: Psychosis

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